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Electro E-Bikes

Classic Meets Technology – Electric Bike Hire & Sales

“Electro’s story”

It all started with this phrase that we found ourselves saying after every ride. Everything was better on electric bikes! Life around us slowed down and came more into focus. Any Trip to parks and seafronts became even more enjoyable and special. Cruising to lunch or dinner on the bikes while staying away at an Airbnb was a breath of fresh air. Riding brought joy that was not possible in the car while being more cost-effective and healthier.

The bikes also brought a lot of interest and curiosity. Everywhere we went, people would ask about the bikes. How do they work, and how fast do they go, seems great fun. Then more often than not, where did you rent them or buy them?

With ELECTRO E-BIKES, our goal is simple. We want to share the joy of riding because everything is better when you “RIDE ELECTRO”

Electric Bikes Hire and Sales – Authorised Dealer 

  • DYU
  • Eleglide
  • Himiway
  • SameBike
  • Himiway
  • SameBike

Contact information

Telephone: 01227 851486

Location: The White House


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